The coup attempt in Turkey has presented the US and Europe with a huge dilemma

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Turkey’s president Recep Erdogan called Friday night’s attempted government takeover by a faction within the Turkish military “an act of treason,” and vowed that the coup-plotters would “pay a heavy price” for their actions.

“This insurgency is a blessing from Allah, because it will allow us to purge the military” of mutineers, Erdogan said in a statement from Istanbul, shortly after arriving there early Saturday morning.

Earlier Friday night, a faction within the Turkish armed forces calling itself the “Peace at Home Council” said they had seized power, taken over the government, and declared martial law. They deployed forces onto the streets of Istanbul and Ankara, Turkey’s largest city and capital, respectively, and closed two major bridges leading into Istanbul.

A Turkish national intelligence spokesman told AP and CNN that the coup attempt had been “repelled” and “defeated” by early Saturday morning. At least 161 people were reportedly killed in the clashes, according to Turkish officials. More than 3,000 soldiers have reportedly been arrested around the country.

By: Natasha Bertrand (
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