EU digital economy chief wants Google to pay up under new copyright law


Günther Oettinger, the man who will next week become the European Union’s digital economy and society commissioner, may be considering taking the so-called “Google tax” law from his native Germany and applying it across the EU.

Oettinger, who will report to digital single market commissioner Andrus Ansip, has been tasked with reforming European copyright law (a brief that was previously one for the internal markets department, rather than digital economy). He told Handelsblatt on Tuesday that he wants to introduce an EU-wide copyright law, to replace the current patchwork of national laws.

Interestingly, he appeared to suggest that [company]Google[/company] should be paying some kind of copyright fee that it isn’t currently paying:

When Google takes intellectual works from within the EU and works with them, then the EU may protect those works and demand a levy from Google for them.

This sounds an awful lot like Germany’s Leistungsschutzrecht für Presseverleger

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