German Law Could See Pharma Discounts Published

“Pharma companies are apprehensive about German lawmakers opening Pandora’s Box this week if they go ahead with plans to publish discount details each firm gets for its regional medicine.

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Specifically the legislation, if enacted, would force pharma to report the reduced prices they negotiate with insurers. The law could be in force as soon as April.

Speaking to Bloomberg Ina Klaus, a health ministry spokeswoman in Berlin, said this would mean that firms would have to report rebated prices instead of their original list prices to databases such as IMS Health.

The revised law will make it clear that the list price isn’t what’s paid in Germany, she added, but rather show the actual price paid, which includes the discount – something never published before.

This is important as Germany is a price referencing country to a number of other markets, and pharma is worried that by showing the discounts it receives in the country, it may be forced to drive down prices.”

By Ben Adams


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