Flappy Bird We Hardly Knew Ye

\_/  So what’s done is done and there’s nothing left but letting bygones be bygones. For the most of you out there the name “Flappy Bird” might not ring a bell but don’t be fooled, it was one of those games which became synonymous with “ka-ching”.   

Gamespot has reviewed the aftermath of Flappy Bird and after reading the article I couldn’t help but think whether mobile games are a kind of digital FMCGs (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) due to their price and short memorability span (this span would of course be an equivalent for how quickly the games are consumed – or forgotten, in this case).                                                                                                                                                           ________________________________________________________________ 

The Rise and Fall of Flappy Bird

2434690-flappy-bird-game-screens“Aren’t mobile games the worst? They’re so simple and forgettable, existing just to suck away money from people who don’t realize there are far better ways to spend their time. Even calling them games doesn’t feel right. There’s no skill involved, no challenge, and without the elements inherent to a good video game, they’re just time-wasters. Inconsequential nothings. The manipulative pricing practices prey on those too weak to fight against their addictive tendencies. Shelling out cash for instant-win items? Pestering your friends to grant you more turns? It’s all disgusting. And when you throw in the mound of soulless clones littering the marketplace, it’s clear that the mobile market is a creatively bankrupt wasteland that’s killing the entire industry. ”                                                                                                                  By Tom Mc Shea

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